Saturday, September 19, 2009

What is Sharepoint?

I recently got a notice to collaborate with another professional using Sharepoint. Included on the invitation was a great explanation on what a Sharepoint site it which I've pasted below.

Why do I think you would care? You may also be looking to eek more time out of your day! (I get such a thrill )
About a year ago I found I was spending more and more time answering emails, looking for emails, looking for documents. Being the effeciency nut I am (its that German gene :)), I started asking people how they were dealing with this problem. Through those conversations I learned even more Outlook goodies, and the idea of a Sharepoint site to replace the documents and folders that have gotten dumped into our server. Its been a tremendous help and has saved tons of time already. Here is what we've done with ours:

1. Company Bookmarks - now we have 1 central place for all the websites we use and need to keep communicated to our staff
2. Purchasing work flow - instead of having quotes and proposals flying through email we now have them in our Sharepoint library which gives us a central place to deposit them, check in/out and provide workflow status and approvals - huge for us!
3. Client reports, notes, documents you name it now all live in our Sharepoint
4. internal blog
5. Discussion board - this has stopped the string of email conversations and moved them to a place that is less obtrusive and captures them cleanly for future reference.

If you're struggling with too much email and too many documents and a place for team collaboration, give me a call.

What is a Share Point site?

A SharePoint site is a Web site that provides a central storage and collaboration space for documents, information, and ideas. A SharePoint site is a tool for collaboration, just like a telephone is a tool for communication, or a meeting is a tool for decision making. A SharePoint site helps groups of people (whether work teams or social groups) share information and work together. For example, a SharePoint site can help you:
  • Coordinate projects, calendars, and schedules.
  • Discuss ideas and review documents or proposals.
  • Share information and keep in touch with other people.
SharePoint sites are dynamic and interactive -- members of the site can contribute their own ideas and content as well as comment on or contribute to other people's.

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