Monday, December 28, 2009

Don’t think it won’t happen to you. Be ready for a software license audit

Microsoft continues to file cases against companies and individuals caught selling infringing software and systems. Every month, Microsoft receives hundreds of piracy reports from customers and from the system builder community. These reports enable Microsoft to investigate and address piracy across the country, and they are critical to the success of our anti-piracy efforts.

Almost all of the cases that Microsoft has recently filed resulted from either customer or channel piracy reports. The most recent round of cases were filed against 15 companies and individuals, including:

  • VioSoftware (Lafayette, CO)
  • Royal Discount (Boulder, CO)
  • (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Dallas Computer (Plano, TX)
  • Daroc Computers (El Paso, TX)

For a full listing of all of the cases that have been filed this month and in the past, click here.

“Software audit painful and costly for the noncompliant” read the full article,289142,sid195_gci1340705,00.html

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