Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How a Vendor Responds to an error can make or break things…..

On Friday we had a number of our clients experience problems with an update by Sunbelt on their anti-virus product
which we have most of our clients subscribed to. Although distressing, we are pleased with the response that we received from Sunbelt’s technical support and now directly from the CEO.  Here is an excerpt of the communication we received
“We take what occurred with definition 6272 very seriously and wish to assure customers that these events cause us enormous concern.  We are committed to an ongoing process of quality improvement throughout the organization, and will take whatever lessons necessary to continue to make VIPRE the preferred choice of many organizations throughout the world. “
Unfortunately, no software is error free all the time, but it is the frequency of errors and how the vendor responds to them that shows us which companies rise to the top. As with all of our technology partners, we investigate how support issues are responded to as carefully as the effectiveness of their product.  Our technical due diligence process includes the examination of multiple aspects and we are continually reevaluating the effectiveness of our vendors.  This takes a lot of time (that is an overhead cost for us) on our part; but that is why our clients have chosen us to be their Technology Team.

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