Thursday, November 11, 2010

Do I write the entries myself or hire someone to do it?

A fellow CMIT owner, Gary Churchill recently asked me this question.  It’s a good one.  The short answer is that I do.  In the beginning I felt a little intimidated by writing to the “world wide cloud”.  Because of that intimidation, I held off for a while feeling that I had to hire someone to write it and make sure my grammar and flow was high quality.  After just not being organized enough, I started the blog myself with the initial goal of creating a place that could post quick answer to frequently asked questions I get from client.  It was all very self serving, I didn’t want to answer the same question over and over again, and felt I could just post the question with the answer once and forever more just send people the link.

Well that worked and I still use the blog for that purpose (I must have sent at least a dozen people in the last 2 weeks to the entry that describes what SharePoint is).

I’ve found I actually enjoy writing the articles myself based on what clients are asking about, ideas from networking events and so on. I’m by no means a writer but I’m allowing myself to “play” and develop my “voice”. As you can see from some of my earlier entries, it’s a huge time saver to simply point to someone else’s entry and then add a bit of commentary. I use MS Live Writer to create the entry and publish it (it’s free and very easy). One of the nice features of live writer (probably in other tools too) is that I can set future publishing dates, so I typically create a few and then set the dates into the future. My goal right now is to publish at least once a week on Thursdays (leaving Tuesday’s for QT). My vision is that the blog (and all our CMIT blogs, will produce a sequel to our book “I just want my computers to work”.

The found of HARO (Help A Report out), Peter Shankman, said during an event I was at, that when it comes to blogging and social media, people would be better served by listening instead of speaking.  I couldn’t agree more and do spend time regularly surfing and reading material that is being published (I have become a lover of Stumble lately).

Just recently someone told me that because my blog is hosted on a free service (blog spot), I’m not getting picked up and gaining followers; so I’m working on rehosting the blog on GoDaddy with a slightly difference url.

What has your experience been with blogging and what are you getting out of it?

Have you started a blog?  Post your comments.


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