Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Does it really pay to be on a flat–rate Help Desk plan?



I just completed a cost-benefit analysis for one our clients that was concerned that they didn’t need a plan with “all the bells and whistles”.  The analysis for them proved to me again that the cost of being on a flat-rate plan that includes Help Desk is more cost effective.

Specifically, we provided them with 33.44 hours of Help Desk services over the past 7 months (this is a 10 PC environment) .  The difference between paying for those services flat rate versus hourly saved them $1,414 over 7 months.  An annual savings of $2,424 that is now in their bottom line and in their pocket!

Here is a sample of problems we covered at the flat-rate:

- renewed their domain

- fixed a printing problem

- printer showing up as uninstalled

- unable to logon to their in-house application

- message from the anti-virus software

- installed a new network switch

- provided after hours support to someone working late and not able to logon to application A

- dealt with a workstation hard drive alert that we received that the hard drive was failing

- updated their website

- providing 1-1 training on mail-merge

- fixed a problem with the scanner not working

- fixed a performance degradation on a machine

- reset passwords when someone forgot theirs

- fixed a display issue that they had caused themselves

- fixed a problem with IE

- provided them with an analysis of the cost of printing on each of the printers and made recommendations to move equipment so that high volume printing was moved to the least costly printer.


Get rid of those monthly bills for hourly services by moving onto a plan that includes UNLIMITED Help Desk calls and put money in your pocket.

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