Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Changing the Sales Tax rate in POS

As many of you may know, CT sales tax will be increasing as of Friday July 1st. The increase will be from 6% to 6.35%. For further details visit . Please speak with your accountant to determine exactly how this will impact your particular business.

Here are the steps to make the change within POS.

To change sales tax in POS, follow the steps below:

POS version 9:

· From the Edit menu, select Preferences, Company

POS Version 10:

· From the File menu, select Preferences, Company

· Select Sales Tax from the preferences listings on the left to open the Set Up Sales Tax dialog as shown below:


· Click on the Edit Tax Code button to open Edit Tax Code dialog. Select the next button until the box shown below appears:


clip_image006Make the change in the sales tax rate box to 6.35.

Select Finish

Select Save at bottom right of screen to save changes in Company Preferences.

The new sales tax rate will be effective immediately

Contributed by: Lucy Walker QuickBooks and POS Consultant

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