Monday, August 31, 2009

How to save on your next Dell purchase

Buy it through CMIT Solutions!!!!

Yet again, I saw an email about someone that ordered a Dell machine directly through the Dell site (or by calling their toll free number) and probably has made the wrong purchase.  They don’t know the difference between AMD and Intel processors and how to evaluate the processor type, speed and memory to get the fastest computing cycles at the best price.  They probably thought they were saving money by buying the “Basic” service contract instead of Pro-IT.  They didn’t know … and so on.  Why do people do this?  Because they assume (you all know what happens when you assume…) they are going to get a better deal then if they called us.  WRONG! We WILL save you $$$.  Here is why.

Reason #1We will match or beat any price you get directly from Dell

Reason #2  Use our years of experience to work with you to create the configuration that is perfect for you and your needs.  Do you know the difference in all of those processors that they offer, or the different hard drives?  We do!  We know what happens when the right computer is not purchased because your complaints end up with us, So we are motivated to make sure you get what you need and don’t spend a dollar more than you have to.   If this is your first purchase with us, we’ll provide this at no additional charge.  If you’re a Marathon client, It costs you NOTHING extra for this service since CMIT Purchase Assistance is just one feature of your Marathon plan.

Reason #3.  We are a Certified Dell reseller.  So what? 

Lets say you start having a problem with your new Dell machine in the next 3 years.  Since you’ve chosen CMIT as your “Go To” IT department, you’ll call us.  We’ll come over and troubleshoot the problem.  Ah, low and behold, it turns out to be a hardware problem. 

If you didn’t buy through us this is what now happens…..

Since your busy and lack the expertise to make sure Dell recognizes their own problem, you pay us hourly to call Dell, have a Dell technician verify the problem (45 min to hours depending on the level tech you end up with). 

Or you’ll call Dell yourself and expend that time yourself, taking you away from the pressing phone calls you need to be making to grow your business.   

If you DID buy through us…..

The technical specialist, will call Dave at our office, let him know what part is needed, he’ll order the warranty part with Dell (only certified partners have the ability to bypass the Dell call center and order warranty parts directly).  No additional billable time or time spent on your part talking with Dell about their problem!

Feel free to call us to discuss your next Dell purchase, or just to say hi!

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