Friday, July 23, 2010

Blogging in July 2010

Yesterday morning I spoke to a local group of business owners and entrepreneurs about Blogging.  Later that day, a friend handed me the article below from USA Today Entitled “Small firms dive into social media”, talk about timely!
Whether to blog or not to blog, that continues to be the question.  There is no doubt that this phenomenon is growing and here to stay (at least for a while).  But are people really getting business from it?

During my talk yesterday morning I highlighted considering not only the ROI of blogging but the ROT (return on time).  As a business owner it doesn’t take long before time becomes as much of a constraint as money.  I shared my opinion that Blogging should be reviewed in the Advertising category.  It is another channel to the audience you are looking to reach.  The added plus is that it offers our audience an opportunity to interact with you and the others thus building an online community.  I also offered those that don’t have the time to blog (weekly to 2-3 times a week is not the recommendation to build and keep your audience engaged) alternatives such as being a regular contributor to someone else’s blog, being a regular commentator on a blog and Tweeting (tweets are limited to 120 words (a sound bite so it takes less time)).
Many thanks to Ruth Kelly from SCORE and Cynthia Johnson from the Rowayton library for the opportunity to address a sizeable group; I had a great time and if the line of people that wanted to speak to me is an indication that the topic was timely we served up some great value yesterday morning.
Full article – “Small firms dive into social media”

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