Thursday, July 29, 2010

What To Do on Your PC to Get Ready for Vacation

I just found this handy checklist from Microsoft to get you ready for that well deserved vacation

Read this article: Vacation checklist: prepare you PC

The article also references some technology that you may not be using such as Outlook 2010, SharePoint.  In future articles I’ll be talking about them.

A couple of additions:

Keep your software updated

If you have a company software update process running you’ll need to leave your machine logged off, but powered on.  If you elect to power down your machine while you are on vacation be prepared that when you first power it on it may take several hours for all the updates to downloaded and installed.


Verify your latest Data and/or System State Backup has completed successfully.  We’ll be covering the difference between data and system state backups in a future article.

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