Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Need to get more out of your day?

I wanted to bring to your attention a CMIT Solutions LIVE Webinar that is taking place next week, "Are you running your life, or is it running you? The 3 Secrets of Organizing Your Business (and your life)".  It takes place next Thursday August 26th from 1-2pm.

The better Time Management mouse trap is something I am continually in search of.  It may be that German efficiency gene that is never satisfied, or my type A personality, or simply trying to cram in as much of life as I can, but I'm driven to finding ways to get more done and get more of the important things done.  I'll be writing about some of these over the next several weeks.

The webinar will be given by Lisa Earle McLeod, perhaps you've heard of her, perhaps not.  Well, she has been invited twice to our national CMIT Solutions Seminar to speak to us and I've gotten a lot from her.  This last year I had the opportunity to spend some time with her in Memphis as she, I and another CMIT Owner Shirley Peterson, rode the trolley and back and watch the daily duck procession at the Peabody hotel (what a hoot!).  She began as a comedian and sales professional whose career moved to sales management, then sales training and professional speaking.  A Forbes.com leadership columnist to boot.

I haven't heard the webinar myself but I've been impressed enough by her presentations in the past, and still yearn to get more important things out of my day, to make sure you had the chance to allocate some desk time for this.

It’s FREE and you can listen in from your desk. Click here to register.

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