Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Malware Hunter

With all the emails that come into my Inbox, I don’t usually have time to read all of them (even some?), but this week I took a moment to read the latest newsletter because the headline above caught my eye.  It was surprising well done and if you ever wondered what goes into making a good PC security product, it is worth a few minutes to read the article from the makers of the Anti-Virus-Malware-Spyware protection product we have favored for the last 2 years VIPER from Sunbelt Technologies. Click here for the article

I can’t stress enough the importance of running good “Protection” software.  We see every week the cost to small business to remove viruses and repairing the damage they often cause.  A typical removal/repair job starts at $200 and we are lately see the variety that can’t be removed and therefore the PC needs to be reformatted and reconfigured (a job that averages $1,000 when you really add it all together). 

Installing current (no more than 2 years old) “Protection” software isn’t enough since many viruses disable your protection software (nice huh?), your “definitions” need to be up to date (within 2 days at the absolute longest) and the software needs to be monitored to make sure some malicious code hasn’t disabled it.  This is why more and more companies we talk with are going with one of our monthly services; for just a few dollars more you get the monitoring aspects and unlimited “break/fix” related to the protection software.

Malicious code is more and more often coming from PDFs (we removed the same virus three time in a week that we traced back to a PDF on MSN.COM) and embedded in web traffic from social networking, travel, news and shopping sites.  Your “desktop” protection software can’t stop it, so when we see this happening more and more often we are now added a “Web Traffic” security service to the environment.  This really does the trick and has several other benefits.

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