Thursday, October 21, 2010

Do I need a Facebook presence and a Website these days?

Just finished reading a quick article by Raquel Richardson, that is worth a quick read Facebook vs. Website.  I was sitting here wondering what the opinion was these days as to whether you need both (yes).  I am working on getting my head around all this social media stuff and I think I’m getting somewhere.  So my website needs to be my corporate brochure where people can find out more in depth information about my company.  And Facebook will contain the content that is more current, more like a current events and happening section.  Although I could post that kind of stuff on my webpage, its better to do it in Facebook, since that is a ready built community of “eyeballs” and so therefore today  I will likely get more visibility and “hits” through Facebook.  Hope my ah-hah moments helps you to have one too.

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